Getting back to “normal”, and a funny dance routine…

Slowly but surely we are edging our way back to what is the new normal in our lives, travelling without travelling, living without the regular rules, and just enjoying being alive. For a little while there these things left us, me in particular, and the joy which had originally been with us in our new-ish lifestyles took a back seat to stress brought on by the changes we had made in our lives.

The Paramotor and everything it brought with it has actually been the biggest bringer of downers since I started this hobby, it has also of course been the biggest bringer of uppers, but the joy was being over shadowed by the negativity and difficulty which presented itself when traveling with the thing. A whole host of problems and issues I had not expected made the experience feel a lot like our old lives back home.

The pressure of flying itself, the worry about things like parts and theft, and in particular having to rely on others to do the right thing, especially with regards to money. It all just became too much.

And so here we are, with our previous journey cancelled and our new one underway. Slowly but surely I am letting the stresses of Guatemala fade away and am focusing on what lies ahead, in particular bringing back the joy to flying which I initially felt when getting started, feeling that pure excitement again for watching the Earth fall away beneath me.

Paramotor Mexico

I can’t believe I almost let the greatest achievement of my life be tarnished by unnecessary conflict, I am just glad I woke up in time to salvage the dream and get back on a path which will no doubt bring immense joy in the future.

I recently took my fist completely solo paramotor flight in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, and having me as the most experienced person involved brought about its own set of anxiety, but more than anything, I just felt as excited as hell to get up in the air again, and to be in charge of that skyward journey.

Mexico Paramotoring

I still had Sarah there to support me, and our friends Rob and Kelly from to help keep the day light and fun. It ended up being a resounding success, even though my flight was very short due to altitude and some crazy thermals up above, I had a perfect launch and an amazing landing, and remembered why I love this Paramotoring thing so much.

Please enjoy the video, and watch through to the end for a wonderfully cringe filled surprise. Peace



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0 thoughts on “Getting back to “normal”, and a funny dance routine…”

  1. Ohhhhh my word!!! My sister is reeeaaallly breakin it down at the end! Hahahaha i love it! Hahaha u guys are hilarious!
    Excellent video- also love the new perspective and the renewed focus BOS.

  2. fantastic, the dream come to life, and what a fantastic fun support group to share it with you,I saw you running in the field too Sarah,and then the victory dance – wow xx

  3. Sarah must quit her day job as a sensitive and skilled writer and go back to dance. That talent should not be hidden. Not ever again., oh this made Bob and I laugh!

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