House sitting in Mexico, and then hello USA!


For about as big a turn around as you can get, our new plans have moved on to the final stages and I am happy to announce that we have been approved for our US visas!

After going to Mexico City for a night to hand in documents and have our photo and fingerprints taken, we then waited a week and drove 4 hours from San Miguel (our current location) to Guadalajara to have our interview at the American Embassy.

As it turned out we were the only gringos there and by virtue of having UK and Aussie passports (which meant we were eligible for a Visa Waiver Program of three months), the interviewers behind glass bus station ticket-office like windows in the giant open air hall quickly and happily approved our long term visas.

This means that instead of slowly making our way across Central and South America as originally intended, we will be even slow-lier making our way across English America, and then likely into Canada.

That is after our three and a half month house sitting gig on the Pacific Coast of Mexico!

Oh yeah, that’s right! Three and a half months of free rent (bills only) in a quaint beach town in Mexico where Sarah gets to keep writing her novel, and I get to fly in near perfect conditions every day!

House sitting Mexico

House sit with a view!

house sitting Mexico websites

It is like a tropical house sitting version of “The Shining”, hopefully with less axes.

House sitting website

The lobby, where I will ride my tricycle…

My hope is that by the end of our time house sitting in Mexico I will be a lot better at Paramotoring and get to experience the awesomeness that is floating around in the air for more than my current dismal efforts (I have spent way more time on the ground practicing and repairing than in the air enjoying flying, that is about to change).

What a turn around! This enormous change in destiny is what I love about our current lifestyle, the ability to change what we are doing whenever we choose to.

As our travel time has marched on (almost two and a half years on the road now) we have found our comfort zone. Sure there are a number of kinks to iron out and there are always surprises, but we have learned what it is we want from this journey called life, we have learned what will make us happy and we have laid the foundation for a path that I hope and believe, will lead to that most elusive of goals, being content.

Our early days of travel were about just that, travel, and it took awhile to realize that travel is not why we had pursued this new life. In fact, constant travel had a way of ending up feeling just like the life we had left behind.

The constant stress about where to sleep that night, finding the best prices for hotels, food, planes and cabs, working out the logistics of getting from one place to the next and what to do in those places, and then the eventual monotony of seeing waterfalls, mountains and ruins day in and day out.

It was often exhausting, and made travel feel like work.

So what is our comfort zone?

It is living (cheaply for the most part) in whatever part of the world most appeals at the time. Currently we feel like the convenience and ease of travel in the West is what we most want in the near future.

And right right now we feel like three and a half months on the beach would be a wonderfully relaxing way to spend our time.

Going forward with this journey (and of course things might and are likely to change, they always do), we want to take the time to enjoy living.

This is not about the travel anymore, as cliched as that old cliche is, the destinations are no longer the priority. In fact even the journey is no longer that big a deal. It is the every day life which we are lucky enough to enjoy to its fullest which matters most.

From dusk til dawn this life is our own, and that is what this lifestyle is about, that is what we were searching for when we left the known for the unknown two and a half years ago.

house sitters


Soon we will be house sitting a beautiful giant Bed and Breakfast and its two cats, and then we are off to America to do more house sitting. We haven’t applied for any in America yet, but they come up all the time and I have no doubt that when the right one pops up, we will apply, and if it is indeed the right one we will get it.

This house sitting thing is marvelous by the way, and it suits our style of travel perfectly. We get to set down roots for a few or even several months at a time and live in beautiful places almost free. We even get to have pets without worrying about taking them with us at the end! And of course having no ties means we are malleable enough to always find one that fits our timing.

It really is amazing what can happen when you open yourself up to real change, when you take a step away from the expected and into the unknown. All that fear and uncertainty melts away and suddenly a whole universe of possibility you did not even know existed presents itself.

When we left for this journey we could not foresee how things would turn out, in fact if you had of told the ‘us’ from two and a half years ago what we would be doing now, we would probably have scoffed and chortled about how far from our desired existence it was.

Yet here we are, happy and working our way towards contentment. The future looks bright, but the present is absolutely dazzling!


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0 thoughts on “House sitting in Mexico, and then hello USA!”

  1. I really really really (really) hope you guys make it our way and that we have a home where we can host you when you do. Really. ๐Ÿ™‚ What an amazing plan! I only wish we were still going to Mexico now…

  2. Um, is that lobby YOUR lobby? That place is beautiful!!! Brian and I really need to get on the housesitting bandwagon. What company did you use? HAVE FUN!

  3. “Soon we will be house sitting a beautiful giant Bed and Breakfast …”

    With, or without, guests?! I’m guessing without, house sitting while the innkeepers take their vacay? That view is stunning!

    1. No guests Patti, we did see a couple of similar house sits with guests, but that would be too much like work and running a functioning B&B has never been a goal of mine. Living in one however is a different story ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. WOW – all great news ! Remember you have friends in Northwestern Montana and I hope you can come and visit after your Pacific coast house sit. Whitefish is blissful. I am just glad I no longer feel guilty – like I am cheating on Playa ๐Ÿ™‚ We will be here until mid November so please consider stopping by for a visit. If you are lucky, you may get to see the miraculous dog-charging deer take off after Annie across our meadow. She is now too afraid to step off our porch. Its pretty funny actually. We miss you guys! Love – Wendy and Bob

    1. Hopefully we can get up to you in time Wendy, maybe Annie will have gotten her courage back by then. Would be great to have you guys to show us around and reminisce about the old days in Playa ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Really pleased for you two, another amazing adventure! Do you get a butler? It looks like a place with a butler. You should get a butler.

  7. Um, are you serious, that is really the lobby of the place you are looking after??? Oh my God!

    And yeah we definitely plan to make use of the housesitting thing when we hit the road. It’s a win win for everybody involved!

    1. I am and it is in a place called La Penita de Jaltemba, it is the off season and pretty damn hot, but the evenings and morning are fine and the place is like stepping back in time. We love it and have already had seafood like 4 times!

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