Paramotoring at it’s best! with a suptacular video

I have now gotten up in the air here in La Penita on two separate occasions. Both times I was on the verge of soiling my pants, but this last time I actually managed, in between large bouts of fear, not to soil my pants but to truly appreciate what it is I was doing, I was flying!

I took the Gopro up with me this time and managed to film my Paramotoring antics from the end of a long stick, despite the difficulty in getting the damn thing out of my pocket and trying not to pull or push something I shouldn’t and fall out of the sky, I think it was definitely worth it, and you can barely even notice the overly calm dead pan features of my face (in the video at the bottom of this page) as I try and smile for the camera.

beginner Paramotoring

beginner paramotor

Sarah and I drove down to the beach at around 6pm with a light wind blowing off the ocean. I had actually decided not to fly that day as I was feeling a bit ill and had a sore shoulder (and nerves), but as the evening drew closer I just couldn’t stop myself. In the early days of learning to Paramotor (at least for me) I find that the longer I put it off, the harder it is to overcome the fear of actually getting in the air again, so as soon as my courage finds a chink in fears armor, I squirm my way through and don’t stop squirming until it is too late to back down.

At the beach conditions were perfect, a light wind, only a little cloud cover, and the perfect take off area. We had also just been to home depot to buy a little fold up table so that I don’t have to try and lift 60 pounds off the floor with my chicken legs, now I can just plonk the Paramotor down on said table, and when I am ready, wiggle into it no mess no fuss, genius!

So I went through my routine of setting up; warm the engine and make sure everything is secure, fold out the wing and make sure the lines aren’t tangled, drink more water and try to get rid of the horrible tension induced dry mouth, and try not to feel pressure from the growing crowd of people watching from the outskirts (who ran like hell when I started taking off, even though I was nowhere near them).

My take-offs I think are pretty damn good now as when my Paramotor was out of commission I did a lot of kiting, and as a consequence I have a lot of control over my wing. So with very little fuss, I pulled the wing up, turned, and after several steps, I was flying!

I know I have said it before, but it still amazes me that I have the power to go and fly whenever the fancy takes me (weather permitting). To load up the car, head out and go for a quick fly with my own equipment.

velocity elektra paramotoring

I am still a beginner with paramotoring, but I am steadily getting better with every flight. This time I practiced some turns and they are getting sharper and more precise. I stopped revving at a few hundred feet and tried to land near Sarah as if without the motor running to see how accurate I could be, and I came pretty close from that height, and I always land on my feet now.

Afterwards some local kids were hanging about looking at my Paramotor, so to get them involved they “helped” me carry it back to the car, then strap it up and carried my wing for me, then Sarah gave them 50 pesos for ice cream.

At that point I realized, I’m “the guy”. You know the one. That guy who is doing something cool and unique and people come to watch, that guy who seems to be doing something that you yourself could never in a million years do. Well it didn’t even take a million years, and now I am the guy!

The one I used to watch growing up, who traveled, or did crazy skateboard tricks, or who sung in a band, skydived, body-popped or some other crazy thing that you never think you could do. I had the realization, I am now doing one of those amazing things I never thought I could do. When I take off and fly over people everyone stops what they are doing and waves non-stop, a little crowd gathers when I am prepping to fly or come in to land and everyone has questions (albeit Spanish questions which I spend most of my time responding to with “Los Siento, Me Espanol es no bueno!” or “Sorry, my Spanish is no good!”).

Paramotoring itself is pretty amazing, but the achievement I feel from having completed something so difficult, and something so far from ordinary is almost as amazing as the flying itself.

So without further ado, the best Paramotoring video I have made so far, please share the post and/or let me know what you think in the comments below.




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equipment from Blackhawk Paramotors: Blackhawk BH 125 paramotor, Velocity Elektra paramotor wing

0 thoughts on “Paramotoring at it’s best! with a suptacular video”

  1. I can’t help but cry tears of joy when I watch this video. I cannot even imagine what you must feel as you take flight! I am filled with joy and pride and inspiration as I watch you live your dream!!!! You remind me that all things are possible! You are ‘that guy’!!!! Keep going! Keep inspiring! This is amazing.

  2. Wow! How cool is that?! Way to go, you did it! I have a wicked fear of heights but years ago I somehow managed to go parasailing in Mazatlan – pulled by a boat. I actually thought it was really fun, but turns out, one can get motion sickness when one parasails through the sky. I did make it back to the beach before said motion sickness reared its ugly head, but it’s a great memory all the same. Good for you!

    1. Motion sickness has gotta suck especially if your in the air with your legs dangling over the sea! Believe it or not, heights freak me out a bit, or at least the idea of falling from them does, but overcoming that fear just enhances the amazingness of paramotoring sometimes, other times it just makes it more scary 😉

  3. How great an experience and how liberating it must be to be up there in the sky soaring! Thanks for giving me a little taste of it through your video. I hope you do more. It was great!

  4. Beautiful bruv…beautiful. And I’m not talking about your chicken legs. 😉 Proud of you boy. Yeh, we’ll do this together.
    Now, Unsolicited big brother advice, hook up that damn speedbar (that’s all I could focus on) and flare about a foot lower to avoid that pendulum effect. You know what I’m talkin’ bout now.

    If you hook up some anchor points for your go pro, you can clip it in and just fly. Then unclip it when you wanna play with the camera.
    PS: Sarah…I heard you at the end, and I know how many emotions you were trying to convey there, it can’t be done in words huh? Flying like that is pretty special. 😉
    Wait till Tykes and I can get you and Lisa up there in tandem.

    1. Ha! I just can’t help thinking how AUSSIE I sound. Plus, I am always under a LOT of pressure with the filming, and yet I can never seem to focus enough on it when he is taking off and landing and I’m trying to remember to breathe 🙂 I feel like I have been through all this training with no reward (except the one that comes from watching the guy you love take to the skies) so YES PLEASE! I want UP!!!!!

      1. Nah, you’re doing well with the filming, the vids are good, and very watchable.
        You don’t sound as Aussie as some, but yeh, maybe you sound Aussie cos you are Aussie? 😉

    2. Thanks mate, would be good to get up there with you one day, it is fun on my own, but would be pretty special with the two of us up there.

      I know I flared too early, last time I flared a little too late, so now if I can just geet it in the middle, but it changes with the wind so I think just more experience will do it. Unfortunately I hurt my neck / shoulder a bit so I need to take a few days off, but I’m getting the hang of this thing now. Next up, death spirals!

      any idea on the type of hook up points for the xshot and gopro I could use?

      Sarah knows just about as much as I do with this sport, in all the videos she is giving unheard tips from the ground, good ones too 🙂

      1. Hmmmm, not getting notifications on the replies?

        Hook up points, just some clamps from a hardware store probably. Your gopro is the black edition right? It came with a remote?
        Just check out the PG forums, plenty of people have posted how they do it. A cool one one day will be to hook it to your wing looking down.

  5. Looking great Tyrhone! Holy cow, you’re high up there! What lush green scenery too. So happy for you to be living out this dream of yours! Keep the videos coming 🙂

    1. Thanks Sam, I am at some point planning to get up to about 10 000 feet, but even though higher is safer (more time to throw your emergency chute) it feels scarier the higher you go, I was only at about a thousand feet there!

  6. Flipping awesome dude! Flippin awesome. When we popover to see you I think you need to get some sort of kangaroo pouch for me to sit as you fly. Possible?

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