The miraculous thing about dreams

Making a change and allowing yourself to reach beyond an ordinary life opens up a miraculous world of entirely new possibilities which you could never imagine without taking that initial leap of faith.

Although this miraculous-ness has made itself known in my life since the early days of our new lifestyle, I have not truly grasped its significance until recently. Sure I have pondered and even posted about a similar vein of thought before, but it was not until a few almost innocuous things happened at once that it made me grasp what was actually going on in my world.

mexico travel

A world of possibilities

I have spoken about the possibilities which come from making a change, but I did not fully realize the gravity of that change and those possibilities until three things which went almost unnoticed in their singular form conspired to bring the idea to the fore.

First, I watched an interview on Facebook with Will Smith where he speaks about how if we truly want something in this life, and if we work hard and believe in our ability to achieve our desires, the universe will get out of the way and we will achieve those desires, anything and everything we want will be ours for the taking.

Secondly I walked onto the patio overlooking the beach and ocean which our travelling friends are staying in for a week (for free as part of a house sitting gig) and articulated to Rob how these amazing things seem to happen only because we have lifestyles which allow them to happen.

And third, Michelle from commented on my blog, saying that she was still impressed that I had managed to make my dream of flying come true.

These three things just happened to occur at the right time, to make the right parts of my brain fire, to shine a light on that thing which has been floating around but never truly acknowledged in all its glory.

paramotor mexico

Dreams keep coming true

When you reach for glorious things and make the necessary changes, when you dare to dream big and work hard to make those dreams a reality, you do not just achieve one thing, you open up your reality to an entirely new and incredible world of possibilities.

I dreamed of having the life I wanted, a life where freedom was my primary goal and the shackles of an ordinary life were forever taken from me. After working hard and achieving that goal, everything else became so much easier.

Dreams no longer seem like the distant fog of possibility but rather the solid shapes of reality. Amazing things keep falling into place because rather than asking if we can, I ask if we want to, and if the answer is yes, then we simply do.

We set off on this journey not knowing if it was possible, and when we realized that it was, the whole world became ours. We wanted to travel the world our way, and so we are. I wanted to learn to fly, and so I did. Along with these achievements came and continue to come all kinds of unexpected miraculously fortuitous happenings.

Living in exotic places for free with our house sitting gigs. Finding hidden beaches while looking for places to fly from. Eating lobster while watching football matches with locals in an unexpected place and soon, driving across the US exploring and flying around some of the most incredible places on Earth.

Then there are all the little things which keep happening unexpectedly. Little bits of work popping up at random times to let us know that financially we will be OK. Finding new hobbies and passions to fuel the nights and days, weeks and months which are completely and wonderfully ours, and getting to share them with those we love and those we don’t even know through our blogs.

la penita jungle

Unexpected places and people

Today we are staying in a mansion on a hill overlooking the jungle and the ocean, for free! A couple days ago I had some of the most incredible ribs a meat eater could ever hope for. Yesterday I took to the skies on my Paramotor like a giant bird and spent an hour living entirely in the moment with my senses screaming at me in exhilarated bliss. Tomorrow, on a Monday morning, rather than going to a job I hate I might just spend the day watching the vampire diaries and snacking on my latest craze, tuna and crackers!

Because we dared to dream, because we overcame doubt and took the plunge, because we reached for instead of held on to, our lives are now an endless parade of possibilities.

The amazing punchline to all of this is the realization that once you achieve that which is your greatest desire, everything else is easy.


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0 thoughts on “The miraculous thing about dreams”

  1. Brilliant Tyrhone! YES. Thanks for this pep talk! Needed that today as I’m about to push through another very long work day! While I am not where I want to be (yet), reading this leaves me as inspired as ever to work my butt off towards reaching my dreams.

  2. Hello Tyrone,
    Well said! I have a question… As we get ready to embark on our 1 yr journey to South East Asia with our two kids ( 17 and 13) I ponder what sort of blog I want us to write. On one hand I want to let friends and relatives know what we are up to as they will be the majority of our readers but on the other I’d like to write posts just like yours which might inspire the people in my life to make changes that will make them happier and allow them to live a more meaningful life.
    So here is my question. Can I repost your blog onto my own? Of course I will give you full credit and you may even get a few new followers from it! It will save me all kinds of time that I can otherwise use for organizing my old life and get ready for my new one. I couldn’t say it better anyhow.
    Liz T

    1. Hi Liz, I appreciate the kudos and am happy to hear you will be going on such a great adventure. I am more than happy for you to reference or link to my blog or posts, but I would prefer to have my blog as the sole living place of blog posts.

      Aside from that Google has an automatic algorithm which would penalize you for creating duplicate content and cause your blog to drop lower in the search rankings (nothing to do with me it is an automatic procedure on Googles part to prevent copying of content).

      I appreciate that you like and want to share my content, and hope you do, but more with links to the things on this blog.

  3. Because you mentioned my name in a post about inspiration and dreams I’m not going to read it properly and pretend it’s about how I changed your life. Your welcome…

    Oh how we laughed… Joking apart, nice post dude I wholeheartedly agree. If you open up and make the changes anything can happen, even flying! (But probably more importantly a life filled with a teenage TV drama)

    1. But it is almost exclusively about how you changed my life with that beautifully manicured beard of yours. How I wish I had a life filled with teenage drama, do you think if I went back to school I could get away with claiming to be 16? It works for the other 30 somethings on the show.

  4. Because you dared to dream… too right! Who knows what else you can achieve. Between reading your deeply contemplative posts, your random off hand comments (on the blog and social media,) AND Sarah’s comments I almost feel like I’ve met you. I can imagine you saying something so contemplative and life changing that people around you just kind of stare in awe… and then you’d quote something from Vampire Diaries.

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