The best Paramotoring video yet, it’s soooo pretty

Oh my God that is the most awesome thing I have ever seen!!!

…is what you will be saying by the end of this Paramotoring video.

Actually I don’t mean to be flippant about these things, but I think this is definitely the best paramotor video I have made yet. It has action, comedy, thrills, spills and a returning cast. Also the scenery is spectacular, the set design is second to none (or just none) and the script, well the script is as non existent as the set design.

And there are memorable moments like this one:

Paramotoring in Mexico


But the flying and the camera shots are pretty amazing. I am learning what make a good paramotor video (at least I think I am, let me know if you agree) and have some awesome shots of me flying along the beach and a view which needs to be seen to be believed from about three thousand feet up.

And then there is the soundtrack, what a soundtrack! The old one hit wonder classic “Spirit in the Sky” is ridiculously appropriate (except for the dying thing) and Icarus by Bastille is equally fitting for my Paramotoring adventures 3000 feet above the Earth (also aside from the bit where he dies and that).

So if you like these paramotoring videos and even if you don’t, I really think this one is worth a watch. You can let me know how right I am in the comments below, Happy Sunday everyone!

P.S. you should definitely watch it in 1080 or 720 quality, it is much prettier that way.



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  1. I love your paramotoring videos. You’re right about needing a great soundtrack and you do well with that. Seeing the ocean and sun in the background is perfect too. The different angles you use when you’re actually flying make me feel like I’m flying along side of you. Keep up the great work, and stay safe.

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