The ALS ice bucket challenge

I feel like going into the ALS ice bucket challenge I may have had an unfair advantage. Being that my body temperature sits somewhere in the high billions of degrees, I am, or at least thought I was a little more immune to the effects of a bucket of freezing cold water filled with freezing cold cubes of freezing coldness.

I now realize that if I do have this advantage, then it must be a lot worse for everyone else!


Actually after just finishing my paramotor flight along the beach here in La Penita de Jaltemba and packing up my gear in the intense afternoon sun, I was looking forward to a great dunking, always happy to oblige in making me do charitable things, Sarah took the opportunity to dunk a whole cooler box of ice water over my head.

It was simultaneously delightfully refreshing and intensely shocking, I walked away from this particular experience with not only soggy see through shorts, a slight shiver and a new respect for Inuits (damn I am thoughtful!), but also a fuzzy feeling where my heart is supposed to be from doing something good for someone else! It was nice.

PS. If you were looking for a more informative post about ALS I apologize, there are very real limits on my ability to focus on one thing for long, and then turn that thing into useful information, which is why it is great these guys do such a good job of it!



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