Kiting the storm

Paramotoring is not all about flying, there is also a lot of ground work required if you want your launches and landings to be as pain free and even fun as possible. And the best way to practice Paramotor launches is by kiting your paraglider. Check out this quick kiting video I made to get an idea of how powerful a wing in high wind can be!


I have had an unusual amount of time kiting my wing because of a blown motor early on, and lately because storm season has hit the coast of Mexico and I find myself grounded most days. Yesterday I decided to turn this to my advantage, and noticing that the storm was bringing a nice bit of wind with it convinced Sarah to come down to the beach with me for a spot of High wind kiting!

Here in La Penita Mexico there is not a lot of wind, so I haven’t been able to kite my wing as much as I did early on, so although disappointed I could not get up in the sky, it was great to be able to dust off my kiting skills and work on my paraglider control.


I know it has helped already because by the end of the extremely tough session (imagine being a boat with a giant sail and trying to control it with only your weight to hold you down) I was getting lifted less and managing to keep still for longer, staying in one place requires a lot of control, especially in gusty wind. I even managed to get off the ground a few times (intentionally), and by the end was controlling the glider while floating horizontal, matrix bullet style!

Near the end the wind was getting around 15 mph and a little out of control, I had even let my trimmers out which puts the wing at maximum speed and was still just managing not to get dragged. So after a few more leaps into the air and pulling big ears on the ground (big ears helps you come down faster when flying), we packed up and went home.

About an hour later a massive storm hit and kept going all night. I may not have been able to fly my Paramotor, but at least I got to practice, and I am now that little bit more confident for when I actually do get to fly again.

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