Cool Calm Kiting at Sunset

Feel like chilling out to some super smooth timelapse and slow motion kiting during the sunset over the Mexican Ocean with Xavier Rudd singing “Follow the sun”? Well you have come to the right place. I have made a short video of my kiting yesterday at sunset but I take a definite back seat to the amazing scenery out here in Mexico.


As opposed to the recent video of my kiting my paraglider in crazy high wind, I have put together a video from two days later of me kiting at sunset in almost no wind. I am quite proud of this one just in that it has a nice calming effect and the slow motion and timelapse are quite striking.


My forward launch Paraglider training attempts, although I believe admirable, just don’t compare to the amazing scenery, and I’m not even flying!

So if you think you might enjoy a chilled out couple minutes in your day please watch the video and when you are done subscribe to my Youtube channel here! Or follow my blog here.


My equipment is the Velocity Elektra Paraglider from Blackhawk Paramotors which I think I am getting pretty damn good at kiting now!

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  1. I have a another question 🙂 With you kite, as it is, could you paraglide? If so, do you have any desire to try that? (I’m just a very curious person lol). Thanks for sharing your kiting. I enjoy watching them. I get to paramotor and kite vicariously. It’s wonderful.

    1. No worries, the more the merrier 🙂 So it is called a wing or paraglider and you kite with it (I know there are so many terms used to describe the same thing right!).

      With some wings (mine being one of them) yes you can use the same wing for paragliding and paramotoring, and I am actually looking at getting paragliding training hopefully soonish, but I am trying to work out a deal with instructors in the US to get the training cost down. I think the two will compliment each other and it would be nice to have the ability to do either depending on where I am in the world.

      Thanks for watching and commenting Pennie, maybe one day when I can do tandems I can take you up! 🙂

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