Sunset Powered Paragliding flight in Mexico

What is it like to watch a sunset over the ocean from seventeen hundred feet in the air while sitting on your own private swing? Watch the video to find out and then have a read about an amazing day.


After two weeks without any Powered Paragliding because of storms here in La Penita, Mexico, I finally managed to get up again! We loaded the Blackhawk BH 125 Paramotor onto the tow rack of our car and drove down to the beach at around 6pm to start setting up for the evenings flight.

The weather couldn’t have been better. There was a nice steady 5 mph breeze blowing off the ocean and it was just late enough for the temperature to have dropped to bearable levels. We even managed to park in the shade of some Palm trees thanks to the low sun.

I took out the Paramotor and my Velocity Elektra Paraglider and in 10 minutes had everything laid out for the flight. At this point a local fella on his way home came to watch the proceedings, machete and 2 litre coca cola in hand! After explaining to him in English (he didn’t understand) about how I was going to be flying this machine, and him explaining to me in Spanish (which I barely understood) where he lived and that I should fly over his house, he stood quietly on the sidelines and watched events unfold with a curious “Yeah right” grin stretched across his face.

Paramotor launch Mexico

Another couple showed up while I was warming up the engine, and the guy told us how he works in Turtle rescue and was actually there to pick up a load of baby turtles to release that night. After a friendly chat they got out their phones and recorded the launch. Somehow the spectators actually made me more focused and after the paramotor engine warm up I was ready to go!

My launch was a perfect reverse with about 10 steps before leaping for the skies. I climbed quickly near the ground because of the wind, but up at about thirty feet I didn’t seem to be climbing much and realized I had left my trims out (which makes the wing faster but also makes it harder to gain height), which is also why my launch was so quick! I pulled in the trims which slowed down my speed and I began to climb (it is also the first time I adjusted my trims in flight, which changes the shape of the Paraglider and feels a bit scary).

The view was spectacular, watching the sky turn orange then red as the sun set over the ocean from seventeen hundred feet in the air is almost beyond words. It was definitely one of my most amazing Powered Paragliding flights to date.

Powered paraglider at sunset Powered paragliding beach

Later in the flight as it was getting dark the air got really bumpy, and the wind went from about 5mph on the ground, to about 20mph a hundred feet up. Then when I came in to land it suddenly dropped to nothing before changing direction at the last second so that I had to run like hell and wasn’t sure I could run it out at the speed I was going, but somehow I did and had a safe landing. The weather here in La Penita Mexico is very hard to judge and has only a passing resemblance to the weather down the road in Puerto Vallarta so I have to be extra careful, which is why I do not fly as much as I would like to.

Powered paragliding sunset

In about 15 minutes we had everything packed and strapped and ready to go, by this point we needed torches to find our way around but luckily I have my Paramotor packing system down pat and we were on our way home in no time, but not before stopping in with our new friends to look at the baby turtles!

Turtle sanctuary Mexico

This was an amazing Powered Paragliding flight made even better by the locals who stopped to watch me fly, and by the baby sea turtle Sarah got to hold (see the end of the video). Thanks for watching and let me know what you think in the comments.


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