On the road again

Here we are two days out from jumping back in the car and hitting the road again. It is a funny old life this one we lead. There is a strangeness to living in a place almost long enough to call it home, and then packing your bags and leaving. Add pets to that eqaution and it almost feels like leaving home all over again.

This is not a bad thing of course, and the three months we have spent here in La Penita is not the longest we have stayed in one place (a year in Playa del Carmen will trump time in one place places for some time methinks), but for some reason leaving here really does feel like leaving home.

Maybe it is Chica and Matu the owners cats who we have come to love way more than they love us, or the incredible views and beach style living which makes it feel like we are leaving something behind. I’m not sure what it is, but I am almost as sad to say goodbye as I am ready to be travelling again. I say almost because despite my mysterious nostalgia, the itchy feet itch more these days than ever before, and three months in one place seems just about my maximum now.

La Penita cats La Penita cats

La Penita has been a blast, we have explored the area from a local point of view, especially by having the car to get around with, and we have spent equal amounts of time relaxing and working at the house and exploring at the numerous beaches dotted along this coastline. We have eaten local food and dined at “The Posh Place” on the hill overlooking La Penita and Guayabitos.

la penita vista restaurant

I also got to practice my flying more here than anywhere else and added a number of flights to my mental log book, not to mention getting to watch a sunset from seventeen hundred feet in the air, a personal first for me and a pretty epic moment all around.

paramotor la penita mexico

It has been fun living here in La Penita for these last three and a half months, but it has also had it’s challenges. One of the things you don’t really consider about house sitting, is that the reason people need their houses sat is because they are leaving them behind, most often to get away from bad weather. Although the weather here in La Penita has not been terrible, it has been hot during our time which is the off season for a reason, and I don’t do heat well. Fortunately the house is situated at the top of a hill so there is often a nice breeze blowing, and when there isn’t there is always the Air conditioning!

I am ready to leave the heat behind, and also the beaches and jungle for something a little different. We have pretty much spent the last 2 years in a perpetual summer while traveling with the occasional spurts of cold weather locations. I am ready for some proper cold, some inland scenery, a forest or two and perhaps a ton of snow to play in. I am ready for the great Northern winter in the US of A.

london cold

the last time I was cold, England 2013

In a couple days we will jump in the car and drive up to Arizona, we have a loose plan made great by the kind offers of friends to stay with them in between a few confirmed house sitting gigs (Thank you very much Sam, Bob & Wendy and Holly / Taunia / whoever takes us in). We will be doing a bit of camping in places I have been hearing about on the telly since childhood, places like Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. We will be staying with friends or in friends houses in places I am not even entirely sure exist outside of the goggle box like Las Vegas, San Francisco and the mountainous expanse that is Montana.

All of this over a a few months before heading off to the Colorado Rocky mountains for a season of snowboarding in the birthplace of snowboarding, and then, well and then who knows. So far we have found that loose planning tends to lead to the most interesting outcomes, it is just fortunate that loose planning is really all we are capable of.

The next few months are going to be a blast and something entirely new again. If things had of gone according to plan we would probably be in Central America right now effing and blinding at having to pay off another “official” not to get our stuff confiscated. Instead we are heading North to the land of amazing food, smooth roads, amazing landscapes and in a complete surprise to myself as to how I am looking forward to them, rules and regulations!

I say it all the time to Sarah, in fact we often have long conversations about it, but dude, I seriously love my life. Who gets to live like this, I mean, c’mon, this is awesome! Sure we have our down moments, and sure things often go wrong or we get worried about stuff, but that’s because we are human and humans are dumb. The truth is if God was handing out lives and asked which one I wanted, it would probably be this one, or maybe Damian from Vampire Diaries, or Batman…

So thank you very much La Penita de Jaltemba for being yet another incredible part of an incredible journey. We did not know you existed before stumbling upon your doorstep, but I am so glad we got to know you, laters.

la penita de jaltemba la penita de jaltembala penita de jaltemba


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  1. Best of luck on the new adventure. I think (hope) you guys will have a blast on your U.S. road trip. Funny that we are switching places 🙂

    1. Thanks Kim, yep it’s almost like you guys are leaving the country to get away from us :). Maybe we can do an information swap, I’ll tell you where to get the best lobster if you tell me how not to die when camping!

  2. Awesome photos! Crossing my fingers that it doesn’t rain the whole time you’re in SF 🙂 Ah, hope I didn’t just jinx it now either! Looking forward to connecting in person again and showing you around the Bay, including the redwood forest. And I think there are some great spots for paramotoring/paragliding around here. It seems popular especially in Pacifica, a beach town just a little south of SF. All the best for a smooth drive North!

  3. Hope you enjoy our little part of the world. I think it’s going to be amazing! We spent basically 15-16 months in summer weather. It’s been lovely getting back to cooler weather. Now it’s everything pumpkin and spices and fall. Bring it on.

    Happy travels!

  4. Glad to see you are still living the “right” life with an endless amount of gratitude 🙂 Keep being safe, enjoying all the nooks and crannies you can find…and sharing to those that live vicariously through you two! If you are headed to AZ I have to suggest Sedona. One of my top ten places in the world…go in a balloon, sit and experience the vortexes and definitly meet the locals…they are the real deal. Looking forward to your tales… 🙂

    1. Thanks Donna, it is hard not to be grateful when you wake up everyday with so much new stuff to do. You are the second person to suggest Sedona so we might just give it a crack, maybe I can take my own flying machine up though! Good to know about the locals as I am looking to get me some of the real ‘merica!

  5. For the love of God stop following us!!! Obviously I don’t mean this, the kettle is on, hurry up!

    Oh how lovely and ordered things are here, you will love it! Seriously beautiful exploring to be done…

  6. It was a glorious weekend in Montana. Beautiful fall color, peaceful up in the mountains, curiously perfect dirt roads 20+ miles away from any sign of people…. I could go on and on. You and Sarah will enjoy some time in Whitefish, an authentic cowboy art town far away from almost everything. Except, that is, great beef and epic snowboarding. Seriously. Hope you have snow while you are here!! See you guys soon !!

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