Introducing the Grand Canyon


Prepare yourself for a spectacular schmorgasboard of photographs, this is the Grand Canyon!!

*but first a bit of background, enjoy…

Here we are several days into our American Road Trip, and despite a rocky start by somehow spending a night in the dodgiest part of Phoenix with crackheads and cops outside our motel room door (no doubt discussing Global Warming or the financial crisis, or prison), we are now well and truly into the spectacular side of this country I have longed to visit since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

We left Phoenix in the rear view mirror a bit disappointed to not have seen the good stuff I know is there, but also ready to move on from a particularly yuck night which had some unexpected benefits (more to come on this).

It didn’t take long for things to start looking up as about 5 minutes into our drive we were in a beautiful part of Phoenix which we had somehow skirted the day before while looking for a place to stay.

From the get go, the view became spectacular and stayed that way right through to our destination, Flagstaff Arizona!

We passed through the spectacular red rocks of Sedona on the scenic back route and knew that this was finally what we had been looking for. We had decided not to stay in Sedona because it was out of our price bracket and instead booked a few nights in Flagstaff at what has turned out to be an incredible gem of a find. A clean, comfortable motel room walking distance from the old town and close to my favorite things: food creation stations, otherwise known as restaurants!

Sedona Arizona

Scenic Sedona Drive

Scenic Sedona Drive

Sedona Diner

We have stayed here for 4 nights so far! With day trips around the area to beautiful parks and scenic drives. Today was lunch at Mormon Lake which is more of a lake bed than an actual lake, but is even more scenic because of it.

Mormon Lake Arizona

The Coup de Grace however is the ridiculously beautiful Grand Canyon, which somehow manages to live up to the hype heaped upon it by every one who has ever been there. One of the things which continues to slap me in the face with its wowness is seeing these things I have witnessed on TV shows and movies; in comic books and photos all my life. From simple diners to staying on the iconic Route 66 to this the most Grande of grandness, The Grand Canyon.

Feast your light suckers on these spectacular images from our drive along the southern rim and a brief ten minute walk down a trail, because why use your legs when you have wheels?! Well, one day I would like to do the rim to rim hike, but for now the drive was enough to keep me wanting more.




















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  1. Vast and barren. Perfect!!

    Looks spectacular mate, nice pics. Alas, didn’t see me photoshopped in anywhere though… Glad your USA road trip dramatically improved.

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