Staying in a Yurt! What next?

When I think of Mongolia I think wide open spaces, cold weather, horses and huts / Yurts. For some reason almost everyone knows what a Yurt is, in case you don’t though, it is a mobile hut thingy that nomadic Mongolians live in, glad I could clear that up for you…

So when we were given the opportunity to stay in a Yurt, imagine my skepticism as I pondered staying in a mobile hut while the ever advancing North American winter enveloped us. Sure the nomadic Mongolians have survived hundreds of years living in Yurts, but I prefer my nomadic abodes to be less nomadic, and to have indoor plumbing, heating, a claw foot bathtub, and a skylight. Which is lucky because this Yurt had all those things and more.

trinity Yurt

The Yurt we stayed in along the Trinity River in California is a modern and exceptionally comfortable place to lay ones head. We can thank Glamping Hub again for finding this beautiful out of the way hidey hole for us, because left to our own devices we would not even have known that it existed and very likely have missed this part of the country all together.

Trinity River yurt stay

Trinity river Restaurant

Trinity River views

Trinity river hotel

From the get go we knew that this would be a great experience, the owners took us on a guided tour of the area pointing out the best places to hike and introducing us to the adjoining restaurant and coffee shop which they run (they actually roast the coffee there!), and encouraged us to have a wood fired pizza the following day, which we did, and it was sensational. Aside from the grand tour we were also treated to a delicious dinner cooked by the multi-talented owners themselves. Below is a fantastically staged shot of Sarah pretending to help.

Trinity River Cafe

Trinity River Restaurant

Our gracious hosts

The star of the show though was the Yurt, which is saying a lot when you are surrounded by mountains and eating wood fired pizza on the edge of a crystal clear flowing river. Trust me when I say, you ain’t never seen a Yurt like this. Stepping through the door it was obvious that we were going to enjoy our stay here. Warm air greeted us as did the claw foot bathtub, ridiculously comfy bed, lounge area (complete with lindt chocolates thank you very much!) and a central second story with another bed and skylight. Try packing that on a horse!

Yurt skylight

Yurt bathroom

Yurt lounge

Yurt dining

We stayed for two nights in the Yurt and found it hard to leave each morning because of just how comfortable it was, and after lounging in the bathtub listening to opera music I had to finally admit that I am becoming a bath person.

I had never heard of the Trinity river before, and would never have found this amazing area by myself, but I am glad we got to see it and it is a great reminder that when you are open to change and the unexpected, unexpectedly cool things have a much better chance of happening.

Hiking Trinity River


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