Powered Paragliding Half Moon Bay in California

My second powered paragliding flight back in the USA was without a doubt a doozy with some fairly intense turbulence. It also marked my twentieth flight which when I look back over how hard it was to get to this point, makes me fairly proud of the achievement. Enjoy the video and then read on.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8jLsQdfu8o?rel=0]

It was tougher than I thought it would be this powered paragliding business. It takes a lot in the early days to make yourself leave the ground behind, especially once you leave training and it is just you. A lot of people quit pretty early on, which is why there is a lot of almost new equipment constantly going up for sale. It takes a lot to see this thing through, but man what a reward.

This flight just outside of San Francisco at a place called Half Moon Bay was my craziest yet, but it also showed me that I was truly in the game, because instead of just freaking out, I thought about what I needed to do and kept my composure. Nothing terrible happened, and I rode the crazy turbulence in to a successful landing, it was pretty scary, and extremely exhilarating.

powered paragliding half moon bay

Half moon bay powered paraglider

Sarah and I are world travelers, we have been to some amazing places and seen a lot of amazing things, but flying is some next level living. After awhile the travel can become a bit stale and needs to be spiced up, added to or changed altogether. It may sound strange to those who work full time jobs and yearn to travel, but when you do it as a lifestyle, travel itself becomes as monotonous as working, well maybe not that bad.

We do try to change up our style of travel and locations a lot, and this has kept things fun. From cold to hot climates, mountains to oceans, temples to caves, backpacking to staying in amazing homes when our friends give us the opportunity. We like to mix it up.

The Powered Paragliding is my mixing it up, and even though sometimes the fear creeps back in and I feel like I don’t want to keep doing it, I know now that I always will keep coming back. Even more so than the travel, flying makes me happy, it gets my heart pumping and challenges me in a way nothing else ever has. When I setup for launch, when I am floating hundreds of feet above the Earth and when I land safely back on Terra-firma, I feel truly alive.


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0 thoughts on “Powered Paragliding Half Moon Bay in California”

  1. How good is that post flight exhilaration once you touch down and your wing is down and you look up??
    Wait until the first time you fly with mates.

  2. Great video! I really love your videos that are done over coastlines. It’s just my preference. Beautiful sunset. I could really feel the turbulence. You be careful out there. 🙂 Pennie

  3. What settings do you use on your GoPro for photos? That one is SO sharp! Great video again, looking forward to hearing more about your USA adventures.

    1. This’ll probably surprise you Robert, but that photo is actually from a video! I did how ever do some post processing in Photoshop. I would like to take more images while flying, but in these early stages I am still hugely focused on not doing something stupid and just staying in the air.

      Glad to have you on the blog, I am sure a lot more adventures await 🙂

  4. Wow, what a day that was! Nice video and great music choice 🙂 That was really awesome to get a first-hand experience in seeing you take to those beautiful skies. I’m seriously thrilled for you that you’ve found something quite unique to spice up your life.

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