How to make a Blackhawk Gopro Chest pack

So I like to be thrifty and save money where I can. I also like paramotoring and new toys, and I have a lot of time on my hands since busting my foot. So I decided to do some arts and crafts and make the equivalent of a Gopro chest holder from the Radio chest pack I had already bought from Blackhawk Paramotors.

I use the radio chest pack every time I fly to hold my radio, a Gopro stick, and my phone, but the hard part was getting the Gopro from my helmet to the stick, and having it on my helmet means it moves every time I look around. The solution would be to have it on my chest, easily accessible and it moves less, but then where would my other stuff go?! The solution?

Tyrhone’s homemade Blackhawk Gopro chest pack and radio holder!

I haven’t flown with it yet but it is solid and holds the camera well, I might wrap a bit of elastic string around it for just in case though. If you want to make your own here is the process in pics and the final result. Let me know if you think it is a good idea or if you make one yourself.

Paramotor Gopro pack

I sliced two horizontal lines and one vertical bertween them on my Blackhawk Radio Pack about the size of the Gopro attachment thingy.

Then I sewed the edges under, badly, but good enough to hold!

I used the large piece which the Gopro is attached to when it comes in the box as the main plate. The Gopro will attach to this and it is the perfect size to slip inside your Blackhawk radio pouch.

Blackhawk Paramotoring Gopro pack

Then I used industrial strength velcro and attached it around the hole along the insides of the Blackhawk Radio pouch, and to the top of the Gopro plate.

Blackhawk powered Paragliding pack

I pushed the Gopro plate in firmly making sure the velcro grips nice and tight and…

Voila! A Blackhawk Paramotors Gopro chesty attachment.

My radio and phone and everything still fit in there and I have a great way to record my flights! I even bounced up and down a bit and moved around and she holds nice and tight.

Blackhawk paramotors chest pack Powered Paragliding Gopro Blackhawk paramotors radio pack

Yes I know it is not going to win any style awards, but it is highly functional, and I’m all about function over form. If you make one I would love to see it. Cheers.


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