The RiSE Lantern Festival in Las Vegas (video)

Our American road trip has already taken us through some amazing parts of the U.S. There is such a variety of landscapes and lifestyles in this one country that it almost boggles the mind. It is one of the reasons we decided to road trip here, because by crossing one border you have available to your eyeballs a plethora of sights and sounds as different from one another as all the countries of the Americas put together.

From our humble start in Arizona up through Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon and now Montana. We have crossed through deserts, around coastlines and into the snowy mountains. This is an amazing country and I can see why Americans like it so much!

This post is about just the one state though, Nevada, and just the one event in that stateand more specifically, the RiSE Lantern Festival in Las Vegas. Vegas was for me a complicated mix of emotions. It is a very man made place, but it is surrounded by incredible natural beauty which I think is often lost in the glitz of the Strip. Not so much by the locals but by every movie ever made of the place.

RiSE lantern festival las vegas

Thanks to Holly though we got to see another side to Vegas. A pretty unassuming place most outsiders have never heard of, The Jean Dry Lake bed. My two best experiences in Vegas just so happened to be in this eerie place. The first I have already mentioned and made a video of, that is my Paramotor flight which you can watch here (it is pretty spectacular, check it), which I had planned to do even before we knew where RiSE was going to be held. The second, the previously mentioned RiSE Lantern Festival!

Enjoy the video… (make sure you watch it in full HD / 1080)!


Thanks to Holly and a gracious friend who gave up her tickets for us, we got to take part in and watch the Rise Lantern festival out in the Mojave desert. The premise is simple, a group of people coming together and sending their individual hopes and dreams out into the world by writing on their lanterns and letting them soar. Aside from the reason, it is an amazing thing to see.

I am not one for expunging emotion most of the time. Possibly because of how much I have seen and done I am generally pretty blase about most things. I enjoy my life thoroughly, but I don’t tend to get overly emotional about much. I have to admit though, in the moment when thousands of lanterns went up simultaneously, and thousands of people cheered them on, there was a little something inside me which took flight right along with them.

RiSE lantern festival

RiSE festival las vegas

lantern festival las vegas

RiSE lantern festival las vegas

The Rise Lantern Festival was a spectacular event and one I am grateful to have been a part of. So thank you very much Holly and the for letting us be a part of it. Peace


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  1. Great video, and great event! I agree regarding Las Vegas. We spent a week there earlier this year and apart from two fleeting visits to The Strip, spent our time experiencing the natural wonders which surround the place. Montana is awesome too!

  2. I am so thankful to have experienced this event with you and Sarah. You are a blessing to me, you make me laugh, and you help me find perspective in this crazy, sad, beautiful life. If you were here, I’d hug you 47 times in a row. Love u both!!!!! Thanks for an excellent video.

  3. Happy American Thanksgiving to both of you! I’m so grateful to have you both in my life, if only through your blogs and videos. You two have introduced me to so many wonderful places and events. I didn’t know about this Rise Event. I am hoping to attend myself in the future. The video makes it look so beautiful and yes, I could also feel the emotions and spirituality of the event too. Thanks again! Stay safe. 🙂

  4. Wowsers trousers. My favourite bit is where we get to see your armpit. Is it a bald pit?

    Honestly though… Incredible (not the armpit, the spectacularnessness)

  5. Wow, just shed a little tear watching that. I remember seeing your photos at the time and being in awe of how beautiful the festival was, I’m so glad you put this video together so the rest of us get some glimpse of what the experience was like for you. Absolutely stunning.

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