Ellensburg, on the road again

So we’re back on the road again having left Miss Amazing and Montana behind, and one of our first stops on the way to Portland is a little unexpected place called Ellensburg. Usually on these driving days we get to places too late to have a good look around, but after an easy 3 hour drive today we pulled into a quaint little town in Kittitas, Washington.


There’s not a lot here, but what there is has definitely made the stop worth while. Aside from the friendly people and a wealth of activities which apparently happen around the area (we aren’t here long enough to check it out properly), there is an exceptional museum! Truth be told I don’t know if it is just my age coming through but I really had a great time learning about the history of Ellensburg as well as some plain old history like steam cars, WW2 memorabilia, an old phone collection which really brought home how far technology has come, and my favorite, some early quilting equipment!

kittitas-museum ellensburg-museum kittitas-museum-army-car quilting-ellensburg

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hcmeal8y-uk?rel=0]

After our trip through the ages we headed to a local restaurant and had a great lunch with what seemed to be the rest of the town, finishing off with an amazing blueberry pie and ice cream. Yes it was hard to leave Whitefish behind, but so far small town America is making the road a lot of fun.

ellensburg-museum-army-car ellensburg-desert



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