Paramotoring Whitefish Montana. Flight 22

My second paramotor flight in Whitefish and my 22nd overall. I had a terrible take-off this time and a not much better landing, but I know what I did wrong!


When launching I overcompensated the wing by pulling too much right brake, when I should have tried more to get under it. I find it quite a bit more difficult Paramotoring in extreme cold like this as all the clothing and wet feet make it hard to be accurate and uncomfortabley cold. In fact I landed after only about 20 minutes because my fingers were going numb!

For my landing I am trying to get them more accurate by not pulling brakes so soon, unfortunately I pulled brakes a split second too late and went to my knees, otherwise I could have had a nice slide in landing.


As it was I had a beautiful Paramotor flight over the snow in Montana, I learned more about launching and landing, and I walked away without damage or hurting myself, success! I am not sure when my next flight will be as we are at a very high altitude in Colorado now which makes launching very difficult. Add to that running through a foot of snow and I will probably have to wait awhile.

which is fine though because now I can learn to snowboard!


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0 thoughts on “Paramotoring Whitefish Montana. Flight 22”

  1. Hi Tyrhone

    Love your blog, I also just completed my PPG training and my equipment is on order. Are you carrying a reserve?

    If you make it to Atlanta we should go fly (and catch up on the old country).Pieter

    1. Thanks Pieter appreciate that mate and congrats on the training, hard as hell wasn’t it!

      I always carry my reserve and check it every time, it is scary enough getting airborne it just makes me feel better knowing I have a second chance if something goes wrong, especially once you get up a couple thousand feet.

  2. Wait you have a reserve? That’s just cheating, surely it’s Sarah’s job to catch you if you fall…

    I like her concern at the end after a little giggle. Will you get to do much flying over the winter in Colorado? I would need a heated suit to do such a thing.

    1. I do have a reserve, but just for looks, I wouldn’t actually throw it no matter how dire the circumstances. No flying in Colorado I don’t think, it is too high where we are and too far where it’s not high. Might have to wait for Mexico, and I got a busted foot. Poor me…

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