All my Paramotor launches from beginner to… Beginner

It has been just over a year now since I first got into the Powered Paragliding game. So far I have taken my flying through three countries but really haven’t flown anywhere near enough. Mostly because being a beginner it was hard to find places which allowed for a large margin of error, and because often the weather has not been right. So I only have 22 flights but this is something I am hoping to change this year, I would hopefully even like to get up to the one hundred flights mark, but we’ll see.


Above is a compilation of my first 22 paramotor launches, which I use to learn what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. The last few launches weren;t great, mostly I think because of trying to launch in cold weather, on ice and with giant gloves, but again, I learned a lot from watching them. The short clips span my Paramotor training in California, flying in Guatemala, the West Coast of Mexico and then through our road trip in the USA.


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