Beautiful Paramotor flight on the Mexican Coast

Paramotoring in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. This was my 24th and 25th flight but my first proper flight on the Caribbean coast. It was an amazing couple flights with a spectacular view.

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The wind has not been great for Powered Paragliding the last couple months, but it is getting to PPG season here and there is a nice average of 5-10mph starting to be more frequent.

This was my second and third flight on my new Airmax 220 paramotor from Blackhawk Paramotors (although the first only lasted 1 minute, check my channel to see why) so I still needed to work on adjustments to the jetting to find the perfect point for power and not blowing the engine.

The first flight was too rich and couldn’t get enough power in the air, sitting at around 5200rpm at full throttle. After landing and checking the spark plug which confirmed it was way too rich and adjusting the jets to lean the Airmax out, I took off again for my second flight. This time it felt really good and I could easily reach 7200rpm, probably more but I didn’t want to push it.

*At the end of the video you can see the RPM and temperature ranges I was sitting in.

There is definitely a lot more torque on the Airmax 220 than on the BH 125 Paramotor engine, as you can see on my second take off I get pulled strongly to the right with the torquing engine, but I let off a bit on the throttle and it corrected nicely.

I flew around for another 20 minutes or so and then landed again to check the spark plug which looked a much better color this time.

Unfortunately when reaching for the off switch on my Cameleon Throttle I got distracted and flared too soon so landed a bit harder than I would have liked. Still stayed on my feet and nothing broken so a succesful landing!

This was one of my best Paramotor flights and I can’t wait to get back up again for a longer cross country flight.

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