Paramotor flying with crazy winds in Mexico

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I had not flown for 6 months so could not wait to get back up on my paramotor. Which is why I made a bad decision to fly even though I knew it was not good weather for it.

Basically the wind was changing from on-shore to off-shore and was blowing on the ground North by North West but blowing higher up North by North East.

I had a great launch and kept off the power a bit as I didn’t want to fly up into the craziness until I could feel things out. Right away things got crazy and my wing started pitching all over the place. You can just barely make out in the video tiny collapses on the left of the wing and I could feel it getting “soft” as I got hit from the left and right.

The wind dragged me out to the ocean (I wasn’t turning at all and barely throttling), then pulled me back in. With almost no throttle you can see me climb about 10 feet and then the wing shoots forward, even with me damping the surge!

After a crazy sharp turn with no input from me and diving repeatedly I decided to land and killed the motor. As I was coming down the wind kept grabbing me and pulling me back up then dropping me again. I thought I was going to hit hard but managed to flare at exactly the right time and landed softly on my feet.

It was my first flight in 6 months which is why I went up, and it was a successful flight as I didn’t break anything (me or the paramotor) and I learned a valuable lesson about parawaiting and listening to my instincts.

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