5 nights Traveling in Cuba. Havana and Vinales

We recently spent 5 nights in Cuba and although we didn’t see it all of course, we saw a few of the good bits!

We began and ended our Cuban adventure in Havana with a couple nights in Vinales for good measure.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H86zz2O2C8E?rel=0&showinfo=0]

I am not sure what I expected from Cuba, but it was a hard place to travel. It was difficult to find half decent food and equally tough to find someone who didn’t just want to scam you out of some cash.

Because of this it ended up being a fairly expensive place to travel. I started out hating Cuba and wanting to cut our trip short, but once I had adjusted my expectations a bit and tried to go with the flow, I could appreciate all the things Cuba was instead of focusing on all it wasn’t.

And maybe because of that we then began meeting a few people who were just friendly without and ulterior motive, this is still the exception to the rule though, so if you go to Havana be ready to have anyone who smiles at you and asks where you are from in it for more than a friendly chat.

We ran into a number of scams, one which particularly annoyed me was “couples” acting like they were on holiday and engaging in conversation until they could get you to take them for a meal or drinking or whatever the scam of the day is, and then watch the bills pile up!

Havana is a beautiful city, the communist regime is both interesting and depressing. As a whole I am glad we traveled to Cuba, but I also no that I have zero desire to return. It had its moments, it was a challenge and an adventure, but I feel I have well and truly ticked that box!


Our last night in Havana we found a great little Casa to stay in that was well priced and the owners didn’t try and make a cent more out of us, and were in fact awesome people.

We also found a great place to eat, which was the most painful thing about Cuba, the terrible food even in posh places. But we found Restaurant 61 which made amazing meals.

Go to Havana, stay for a couple nights to see the old city, and then head home.

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  1. Love the video, Tyrhone, as well as your insights into Cuba. I always appreciate that you are a straight shooter who tells it like it is and won’t pretend a place doesn’t have problems if it does. I am sure Tony & I will visit Cuba some day, and parts of it certainly do look fascinating and beautiful, but the rampant scams and lackluster food would definitely mean that I’m not interested in planning an extended trip there any time soon!

    Safe travels to you & I hope you have a lovely Christmas in the UK. Looking forward to following your travels through Europe and beyond!

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