Paragliding at Bunloc, Brasov, Romania

Paragliding at Bunloc, Brasov, Romania

Yesterday was a great day, so great I think it should be named after me.

First and epic flight at Bunloc here in Romania, my first in over a month. I threw together short video of my flight, watch it!

Then I found a supermarket which rivals, neigh, beats Mexicos Mega for products and quality, which I never thought I would say.

And then I had a bicycle rife, and the another great session at the gym. And some other stuff which just seemed to go my way.

I have a number of videos to do in a work capacity, but I couldn't let the great little flight I had yesterday be relegated to my backlog of personal videos. Let me know what you reckon.

Paragliding at Bunloc, Brasov, Romania

My first proper flight in Brasov Romania yesterday (July 2016). And it was a doozy! Not very long but it could have been with the thermals pumping up all ove…

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