Paragliding crash on launch in Tenerife

Paragliding crash on launch in Tenerife

And here is my crash from yesterday. Everything seems to be working today. Shoulder has seized a bit and wrist is weak, but other than that all good! I gotta get some of the good videos up as this is becoming a theme!

Emilio and Pepper launching (and trying to launch) before me.

Paragliding crash on launch in Tenerife

I do actually have flights that don't begin or end with crashes. But these are easier to put together so I am just chucking it up. This crash was at Guimar l…

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  1. If your feet had stayed on the ground, you’d have been ok. Looks like it picked you up, swung you through to the Back of the take off underneath it like a pendulum and then collapsed because of the pitch and dropped you. Amirite?

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