Day 2...

Day 2…

Day 2
We were up at about 5am for breakfast and coffee, Calina and I ate breakfast on this day but it didn't feel right, so we went back to our intermittent fasting for the rest of the trip, sort of, usually we partook of the fruit breaks a few hours later. On this day we entered indigenous territory, namely the Wihwah, and the walk became wilder, greener, and sweatier.

Calina and I are big walkers so we hoofed it up with some speed, still it was a good 10 hours of walking through beautiful jungle along a river flowing loudly down the mountain. We swam in another natural pool at lunch to cool down, met some little indigenous kids who requested "dulce" like little kids everywhere, passed a Wiwah village and hidden houses in the jungle, chatted to a Wiwah fella, passed an army camp where they were watching football (there are army guys all along the trail, there used to be a lot of dodginess out here), and lots and lots more jungle.

That night at camp we swam in a freezing natural pool which really helped the joints and washed away the dirt and sweat. Then after dinner were given info on the Lost City before our visit the next day, dodged bugs left and right, and were in bed early again. Next post, Ciudad Perdida, The Lost City!

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