Welcome. I don’t use this much blog anymore, but there is still some good content here from back in the day, and I still travel a lot. Now though I just share on my Facebook and Youtube channels and then share that content here.

Bad Jobs, things could be worse

I have had a few bad jobs in my time, but they were relatively easy compared to some of the occupations I have seen while traveling around the world. From India to Australia, from Mexico to China, if you think your job sucks, at least

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Pyramids, Pot and Porn, A tour through Egypt

This blog has been going for less than a year now, and believe it or not, previous to its existence I had done a fair bit of traveling already. Every now and again I have a look at past photos and reminisce, of course I

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Memories or moments

I without a doubt have a wealth of memories to choose from, 32 years worth in fact. Although a large number of those are heavily dulled through abuse or the tyranny of ages, I still have some solid foundations with which to build my world

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