Welcome. I don’t use this much blog anymore, but there is still some good content here from back in the day, and I still travel a lot. Now though I just share on my Facebook and Youtube channels and then share that content here.

Human Consciousness, I don’t think so

I have a lot of time to ponder, and I spend a lot of that time pondering time, consciousness, my mind, and the minds of others. A lot of preponderances amount to nothing, and most live firmly in the realm of opinion, but better out

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How old is The Universe? And how do we know?

So how old is the Universe, the playground of our existence? Just a small portion of the hundreds of billions of galaxies littering the universe, containing a few 100 billion stars each The answer can be quite controversial, and depends heavily on what model of the

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Science, for people who can’t be bothered

I have expressed in previous posts my love of learning, and in particular an enjoyment of science, something which was unfortunately completely absent in my school years. As an adult, and an aging one, my desire to know what makes things things, has developed into

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