The places

South Africa: Born and mostly raised up to the age of 17.

Zimbabwe: Traveled between Zim and S.A. while growing up. Lived out of the city and saw most of the Big 5 here, Lions, Cheetas, Elephants, Buck, Rhinos. As well as crocs, a few close encounters with Black Mambas, and Hippos in the vege patch.

England: Arrived in the UK in 1999 just in time to celebrate the millennium New Years festivities along the Thames. I lived here for 10 years and in that time went to Glastonbury and Reading Music Festivals, lived in shared houses, spent a large part of my life high and basically alternated between the gap year and permanent living lifestyles.I watched shows in the West End. Visited the landmarks and just plain lived.

Scotland: Went to Edinburgh for a few days and lived up in the far North for a couple months working in a fish factory.

Ireland: Caught a train across it, got felt up in a gay bar, slept in a bus station, and then left.

Hungary: First holiday with my new girlfriend Sarah. Also my first holiday. Visited a friend in a small town in the hills and bathed with naked men in the famous baths in Budapest.

Austria: My first real holiday and first time snowboarding

Switzerland: Snowboarding in the alps, a beautiful experience filled with fondue and bruised derrieres.

Hong Kong: I know technically China, but I have been here about 4 times and it doesn’t feel like China. Looking out over the city when the light show is on is spectacular. The food is incredible, and the giant buddha is, well, pretty bloody big.

France: A trip to Paris with Sarah. We saw the Eiffel tower, the Louvre and the Mona Lisa. Wandered the streets and drank coffee at quaint cafes.

Morocco: Stayed in Marrakesh for a week, explored the ancient city, at the food bizarre and hiked in the Atlas mountains. Large quantities of mint tea were consumed.

Egypt: a 10 day tour of the highlights, and absolutely amazing. We saw the pyramids, Valley of the Kings and a dozen ancient temples. We rode a camel and a donkey, took a boat on the Nile, smoked a joint in Dahab, and snorkeled the Blue hole.

Greece: A month around this amazing country. The Parthenon in Athens, the ruins at ***, and chillaxing on the beautiful island of Santorini.

Turkey: A month around Turkey seeing the ruins at ***, scootering around the Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia. Riding a hot air balloon at sunrise over the same Chimneys. Exploring the city of Istanbul with its rich history.

Portugal: A week in Portugal with the family, swimming in the sea and eating great food.

Australia: Living in Australia for 4 years. The beaches are amazing. Ging inland to Alice Springs and seeing life so far removed from the cities. The sydney harbour bridge and Opera House. Melbournes eclectic Style, and the AFL, my new favourite sport.

Nepal: Exploring Kathmandu with its temples and hobbled together buildings. Hiking for 2 weeks to Everest base camp and climbing Kala Patar to reach 5200 meters and a cracking headache.

India: The amazing people, colors, tastes and sounds. Staying in Varanasi, the oldest continuosly populated city in the world (and it kinda shows). The Taj Mahal, Delhi and Bombay. Everything that makes India India.

Indonesia: Scootering around the island and eating 24 hour smoked duck.

Singapore: A modern mix of tastes and styles. Also the start of our Long term Travels.

Cambodia: 1 month of friendly people. Scooter riding through and over mountains, to waterfalls and between villages. Spending a week on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere.

Thailand: 3 months spent between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. More scooter trips, amazing food. Spending Songkran in Chiang Mai throwing ice cold water at people. Riding up a mountain on a bicycle to see Doi Sathep, not a good idea for an unfit smoker.

Laos: a month in the North. The beautiful landscape of Vang Vieng and swimming in the literally blue water of a stream below some caves. Taking a boat for 2 days up into the North of Thailand and the amazing scenery along the way.

China: 2 months of amazing people. walking on the Great Wall, seeing the 2000 year old Terracota warriors. Eating in the Muslim quarter of Xian and riding a bicycle around its walls. 2 day train journeys with just a bench. Smoking and spitting everywhere and anywhere. Babies with assless chaps for pooping ease. The shocking knee creaking toilets or lack there of. The amazing landscape with towns in the middle of nowhere. Hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge. The highlands of Tagong and Kangding in the Tibetan style west of the country. Beijing and its ****.

Mexico: My adopted home for about 2 years on and off. Living near the beach with no responsibilities or worries (most of the time). Swimming in the beautiful cenotes, climbing ancient ruins at Coba and Palenque, Shrimp Tacos and Arrachera, happy laid back people. The small mountain town of San Cristobal, Mexico City full of culture and Lucha Libre (mexican wrestling). Skydiving for the first time, and Scuba diving for the first time. Beaches, jungles and great food. I love Mexico.